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Qigong improves health and well being by helping the body tissues, fluids and life energy maintain softly flowing movements thereby preventing stagnation and disease.

I am your Qigong therapist and have been practicing qigong for 10 years. I have studied with Dr Sun and am certified by Dr Jerry Alan Johnson. I have worked as a nurse in western medicine for over 35 years. I enjoy using qigong and nursing science to bring you greater health and vitality.

Prudence Harris, RN

Certified Medical Qigong therapist and practitioner. 

Testimonial: "I was holding onto fear that was resulting in muscular tension, limited energy, and holding back in relationships. Prudence's energy work helped to release this fear, open energy channels, release tension...Prudence shared with me exercises I could do to help sustain and further open up energetically. I highly recommend Medical Qigong with Prudence." S. W. 4/2023

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